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Syracuse Commercial, Business, Product, Portrait and Corporate Photography.

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If you are looking to market your product or business in Syracuse, it is essential to understand a few things.  Successful commercial and product photographycommunicates your message in a powerful and unique way.   Whether for use in print, packaging, television, or on the web, a successful photograph can elevate your brand from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  A well-taken commercial photograph is instrumental in  generating business for a successful promotion.  Quality marketing material cannot be underestimated.  When people see something of quality it evokes trust and confidence.  Conversely, poorly done advertising incorporating photographs and/or video by an amateur will portray your business in a similar light – average or below average.

I provide award winning commercial photography covering a wide range of services whether it be; architectural, industrial, product, people, environmental portraits, event, fashion and more.  The images can be used for advertising agencies, design firms, corporate and editorial clients and small businesses across the United States.  I work closely with Otto Media here in Syracuse which can provide a wide range of services and is a leading-edge technology based Video Production Agency that specializes in the creation of traditional and innovative media for local, national and international businesses.

Services Include:

  • Product and Advertising Photography
  • Architectural Photography – Interior/Exterior
  • Event / PR Photography
  • Industrial / Process Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Hospitality/Food/Restaurant/Hotel Photography
  • Construction/Architecture
  • Studio and Location
  • Digital Image Correction/Retouching

No matter what industry, it’s crucial to define your market, figure out how to reach it, and stay on top of changes. The reality is that to build a successful company, you need a great product. But a great product doesn’t lead to success by itself. You can have the right product for the wrong market and fail. And you can have the right product for the right market and still fail because no one knows you exist.  You can have the right product, but it isn't being presented in a professional way.

A client recently came to me with a potential project.  Prior to contacting me, they had been using someone besides me to take photographs of their projects.  They realized that cheap translated into poor quality.  The business itself does outstanding workmanship and is of the highest quality.  They came to me hoping to present themselves in a more accurate and professional way.  The following is a simple example of the difference presentation can make.  I did not take the original photograph, I only edited it in photoshop to give it a more clean, simple and elegant impression.


It is a very simple change, but leaves a much better impression.  If I had actually taken the picture, I would have composed it in a much different way, but I like this example because it shows that a little effort can change the mundane into something special.

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